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Our Story

Hi, I'm Max. My whole life I have always used electric shavers for all of my different body parts. The problem is that each part of my body had a drastically different hair type, such as color and thickness, as well as being in parts where I might not want to share a razor. You know where lol. This led to constantly having to rotate razors as well as having the blades and batteries give out on me. Annoying right? I know I'm not the only one with this issue. Nothings better than using an electric razor on your chest and having beautiful razor lines all over looking like you used a lawn mower on your skin.

Fast forward a little bit..

This is where I started my lovely relationship with Rachel, you might have seen her in a couple pictures on the website, and eventually moved in together. Growing up in a family with only brothers I had never realized how many razors women go through and how often they have to shave to keep their skin smooth. 

The amount of time and effort and money she had to go through just to maintain her hair growth was astounding to me. It was an eye opener to say the least. Every so often we would talk about her getting laser treatments but every time we would look it up it made absolutely no sense to just based off of cost alone. I knew that there had to be a better way, i just couldnt quite put my finger on it.

The Birth Of The Brand

This is where the idea for Kosmetic Koncepts came. After a long and arduous search for a good hair removal method that didn't require excessive amounts of money or pain, we came out empty handed. All the options seemed lifeless and didn't represent any values we stood for. You get a decade old design IPL handset and still have to fork over an arm and a leg for the full experience, pay extra for the full benefits of hair removal and skin regeneration, as well as having to pay extra for safety eyewear?

Beats me.

We took this opportunity to create a brand we were proud to stand behind. We wanted to create what we were looking so hard for. A pain-free, premium at-home, IPL experience. No upcharges for different modes, just a press of a button. No decade old designs with old tech that needs to be updated. No hiding that IPL is suggested to use with protective eyewear, yet sneak in that you need to skip a few meals to get that option. All tied in with a sustainable plan to offset all carbon that our plan creates by planting trees in various forests around the world.

We have worked extremely hard to create an experience we know that you will love and welcome you to our fast growing family.- Max Allen, Founder and CEO - Kosmetic Koncepts

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