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IPL Koncept ONE

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At Kosmetic Koncepts we have made it our goal to remain Carbon Neutral by protecting forests with every order you place. Together we can create a sustainable planet for generations to come. Click here to see our current project.

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Take your mom to lunch

Scheduling and paying for laser hair appointments is a costly and time consuming activity. With the average Laser Hair Removal costing $350 a session as well as the opportunity cost of your time, the one time fee for the IPL Koncept One is a steal! Approx. 10 years of use in one device and only needing 10 minutes per session is a no brainer!

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How it works

Our Intelligent Skin Color Recognition System allows the IPL Koncept ONE to directly deplete the hair follicle with an IPL light wavelength between 550nm-1200nm. Our Skin Regeneration mode uses the light to reduce the appearance of age spots, sun spots, acne scars, rosacea, and more by gradually healing from the inside out. This causes the blemishes to flake off naturally leaving only the fresh new skin it replaces!

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If quality is not up to standards or there is any issue with your product, contact us immediately to receive a replacement worth of your use.

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We are all unique individuals and no two skin type and hair combinations are the same. If you don't receive desirable results after a full 12 sessions you will always receive a refund.

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